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Ascension - Light Language - Channeled Reading

This reading involves my Starlight  language guide speaking through my voice box and borrowing my body to activate ascension codes for you, bring healing and tools for you to use on your ascension journey from letting go of the 3rd dimension ingrained ego patterns, habits and behaviours that your soul has had for thousands of years and many past lives. 

Embracing The Transformation


1 hour

Reading can be done at our wellness centre or video call.

Energy Empowerment Coaching

Helps in areas of relationships ,mental health, grieving, illness and your entire well-being through guidance, healing and energy living.

This is a counseling service that will empower your spiritual, physical, emotional, mental, environmental true self.

$90nzd per session.

1 hour

Coaching can be done in person at our wellness centre, video call or phone.

Soul School Retreats & Soul Empowerment Workshops

We will put dates up soon.

If you wish to be on our email list for our events, retreats and workshops then please email: [email protected]

Akashic Record Reading

This reading involves looking into your soul charts, communicating with your soul and higher self. Letting go, detox and freedom from anything your soul is holding onto that is affecting your life journey.

Behaviours - Habits - Patterns - Releasing 3rd Dimension Attachments.


1 hour

Reading can be done in person from our wellness centre or video call.

Psychic - Medium Reading

This reading involves seeing what is happening in your life at the present and what is coming for you in the future. I communicate directly to your spirit team, your soul and your passed on love ones.

Healing, Guidance, Higher Love

Are in this reading.


1 hour 

Readings can be done in person from our wellness centre or video call.

Channeled Art With Channeled Reading

I channel through my light language guide to draw your soul and aura energy colours and create a perfect drawing for you. There is also light codes that will play an important part in your healing and growth on this earth plane.

My guide will communicate directly to you and bring more understanding about what is happening in your journey.


1 hour

Readings can be done in person from our wellness centre or video call.

Your drawing will be posted to you.

Angel Medicine Healing

Angel medicine is for common complaints. The angels work with your energy to help you revitalise and heal.


Stress, Headaches,Eye and Ear issues, Toothache, Hay Fever, Colds, Skin Complaints, Digestive Problems, Aches and Pains, Fatigue

Angel Medicine will calm your nervous system, empower your cells, balance both hemispheres of the brain, balance your hormones, increase your overall vitality, empower your immune system.

Help spiritually repair any physical health issues, illness and dis-ease and any aches and pains.

$55nzd per session


Healing can be done at our wellness centre or remotely.

Angel Medicine For Deep Healing

With Angel Surgoens

Releasing deep karmic patterns and removing stubborn past energies from the list below.







The angel surgeons work deeply with your energy field to help remove any energetic anomalies and seal any energy leaks that are detrimented to your health and happiness.

Angelic Surgery is very powerful form of high intensity and high frenguency divine restructuring and healing repair work.

$75nzd per session

1 hour

Healing can be done at our wellness centre or remotely.

Crystalline Activation Healing

With Light Codes

Crystalline Activation healing will accelerate your consciousness to the next level.

It will open you up, heal and discover your heart and soul on a deeper level. Receive high frequencies of light and activate ancient light codes into your body and energies to reconnect with your soul power and Earth crystalline grid. Start living in the 5d reality in alignment with your true purpose.


You will start receiving deeper emotional awareness of yourself and others around you.

There will be a shift in your vibration to highest level of frequency in the universe known as highest love.

You will start attracting a life filled with compassion, love, joy which will shift your reality to crystalline conscioness.

A healed, balanced and ground heart and soul will help you to fully express your trueself and start living your life accordingly to your purpose.

You'll learn to create healthly boundaries in your relationships which will make you feel empowered.

Getting your power back will make you feel move motivated, driven,  passionate, courageous so you can start creating and manifesting whatever your heart and soul desire.

Healed relationships will break karmic cycles in your life that will make you feel free again.


1 hour

Healings will be done at our wellness  centre.

Angela is a soul coach, channeller, healer and light language translator.

I am Ascension light worker and light language translator. I have been communicating with spirits, energies, codes and starseeds for over 40 years. I am here with my spirit team to help people awaken and shift to the 5th dimension.  This involves a radical shift from existing consciousness of humanity for our thousands of years to one that is dramatically move aware, loving, inconnected and free. My purpose is also to give all encouragement to those that are struggling with uncertainty about what they've chosen to do in this lifetime. Encouragement to continue to move through this intense shifting, loss, confusion that you may be experiencing and embrace the transformation into the 5th Dimension.

Each of my readings will offer you something that is right for you at this time.

All my readings bring healing for you.


Higher Love Always